Clients have a choice:
1. Either a full project combining most of the services shown below
2. Or can choose individual services to combine with their own team input

Project Development

  • Assistance in defining the research task and forming the brief
  • Project design and set-up services
  • Detailed research proposals and advice to clients

Desk research

Special strengths in research skills and experiences working within the major business research libraries, trade associations and online sources.

While it is easy enough for anyone to surf the Internet, few clients or market research agencies know how to conduct desk research or where to look. More organisations are realising the cost benefits of desk research as a lower cost option against or as a complement to survey research.

  • We carry out in-depth desk research directly and also produce reports for publishers of research.
  • We are aware of the best and most reliable sources of information for Market Intelligence which for the most part are not free or easily obtained on the Internet. Our sources include major online subscriber resources.
  • Avista complements desk research skills through telephone research & talking directly with senior directors, managers and opinion leaders.

Qualitative Research

An experienced telephone, face-to-face and focus group moderator Charles Jennings participates directly in all projects both inside and outside the UK with moderator/interviewing projects in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Focus group moderating, gangs, workshops, brainstorming, ideation
  • Executive depths/IDIs, accompanied shops, trios/pairs, expert interviews
  • Consultations/deliberative events/forums research: government and national bodies
  • Client moderator training

Avista has strong experiences in the major qualitative techniques including ethnography, cognitive mapping, creative exercises, and more. We bring an experienced approach to client and agency projects.

Analysis, Report & Presentation

  • Analysis of computer tabulated data (quantitative)
  • Interpretative analysis and charting
  • Technically qualified for complex subjects
  • Report writing in Word, PowerPoint and PDFs
  • Management reports & overviews
  • Management workshops & training

Avista reports and presentations provide management with actionable information in summary and detailed forms they need to use directly in getting a job done. Documents may be merged with client own-documents and templates.